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A strange pattern of behavior the site employs is that it bans paid users for no reason whatsoever.So even if you end up paying for the service, let’s say a year of a premium account, they can ban you after 2 months and take your money! It is notorious for using fake profiles or for lying about the location and activity of real profiles. It bans accounts for no reason after it has collected your money.

Some of these fantasies are really extreme and taboo… Three Rules Your profile: You need to paint a descriptive picture of what you want. Remember, women read romance novels to get turned on… You need to craft a profile that will get a woman wet. Browse through some romance novels to get a feel for how they are written. This is where most of the women will be hanging out. For a collection of some of my favorite articles check them out.

We believe they do a little of both: generating completely fake profiles and altering the details of real profiles.

The point is, why sign up for a service with fake people?

I’ve taken this advice, and added some of my own observations from crawling around AFF, and also from reading various message boards. Many of these girls will be here for that exact reason.

This would be my strategy for picking up girls on Adult Friendfinder. They want to find a guy who understands their occupation and is ok with it. If you read it you will see that the line between client and sex partner can be crossed WITHOUT the exchange of money.

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You may have more free time and want to share that time with somebody, or you may miss having physical contact.

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Even though that’s a TERRIBLE number, the worst part was that none of those were fake profiles-they’re real women who sent back snotty, asinine responses.

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Around 2 am, drunkry (drunk-hungry) pangs hit, so I began scouting guys who'd potentially be down to grab drunk food with me.

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Continue reading below, for you to be able to get to know these dating sites.